Thursday, August 14, 2014

Getting Started With Python

I am beginning to learn python. Since the past 6 or seven months, I am trying to learn this programming language but  have been a failure in it. I never took it seriously. Everyone says it is easy to learn but, I cannot go up from the basics of it. 
    I created this blog so that I can post all the stuffs that I have done using python from today(August -14,2014). This way, I believe that I can remember what I have been learning and also share something new to other newbie beginners. 
   My Solo motive of creating this blog is to put all the codes that I have written and what it does. I have not made it in any education purpose. So, no one can complain me or insult me saying that I don't know much about Python. I am a beginner and trying to learn new things.
Today, I will try out something about extracting the email on the top from my G Mail Account. 

Note: The codes written will be in Courier New font and the rest of the descriptions will be in Trebuchet font.

Finally, In the end.

Python is Fun!

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